Czar Softech can help you with any Linux (except website and email servers).

With a 10 year experience in the Linux & Embedded Linux, Czar Softech can develop solutions in the following domain

  • Surveillance Applications. Customizing its Surveillance solution to your needs. Writing image processing plugins
  • Linux Server Applications (C, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python)
  • Linux Desktop GUI Applications (GTK+, Qt, FLTK, GStreamer etc.)
  • Smart Cards (Mifare, ISO 7816 etc.)
  • Embedded Linux development (Raspberry Pi 3, Cubietruck etc.)
  • Any other Linux issues
  • Although Czar Softech is Linux focused, its developer has experience in developing applications for Windows (using .NET, MFC) and Android as well.

To know more, get in touch using the email address mentioned on the contacts page.