Surveillance in essence is a plugin based video processing framework that allows you to convert a live video stream or recorded video stream or even just an image into a series of events describing what is interesting about it. For live video, It takes input from IP cameras (ONVIF compatible) or USB cameras (UVC) and produces a stream of text data marking every event in the video. Events are determined by pluggable modules.

Events can be, e.g. motion detection, face detection & counting, QR code reading, barcode reading etc. Any other video processing applications on motion detection under complex situations e.g. lighting variations, tree leaves movement or involving object detection for traffic analysis etc can also be implemented with the right plugins. You could even write a plugin for robust facial recognition. These alogrithms can be developed by image processing experts and then integrated in-house into a Surveillance plugin.

Presently I have developed 6 plugins:
1. Motion Detection
2. Face Detection and Counting
3. Bar code and QR Code reading
4. Automatic License Plate Recognition (Deep Learning Based)
5. Face Recognition (Deep Learning Based)
6. Object Detection
7. Glove Detection (Industrial Safety) (Custom Built)
8. Helmet Detection (Industrial Safety) (Custom Built)
Plugin Algorithms can be written by you, a third party or an image processing expert and then integrated in house into a Surveillance plugin.

Along with event detection, Surveillance produces an image of each event giving you a visual description of that detected event. Events produced depend on the plugins enabled for the video stream. While most solutions out there restrict you to motion detection, Surveillance makes it possible to do virtually anything with the video stream using different types of plugins.

Surveillance has been entirely written in C/C++ for excellent performance. Surveillance has been built with a high level of security in mind. Access to the processed output is given only to users having a USB Encryption token for PCs or password protected Key Stores for Android.