Ever wish your CCTV solution did more than just record video? Well, we have a solution. Surveillance is a video monitoring framework that transforms any video stream into a series of events allowing you to extract, view and alert on any event as described by processing plugins.
It makes use of plugins to extract information out of videos. Plugins can be written to do different types of processing. For eg. one plugin might generate events when there is motion detected in a region specified by you while the other can just count number of faces in the current view.

  • Built on trusted open source technologies, Linux and GStreamer.
  • Written in C/C++ and optimized for realtime event detection.
  • Can be integrated with any backend allowing you to make use of events generated by Surveillance. Processing software runs on Linux. Viewer software works on Windows, Linux and  Android. Uses TLS v1.2 encryption converting an unsecure camera network into a secure one. (Requires isolating unsecure cameras from open network).
  • Supports all IP cameras having ONVIF protocol support. Supports Bring-Your-Own-Camera concept reducing dependence on supplier.
  • Multiple people cam view processed data simultaneously over the LAN or internet
  • Multual authentication makes sure you are receiving video from a trusted source and also makes sure that only authrorized viewers can view live and recorded video streams.
  • TLS Certificates are stored on secure USB Tokens. You cannot connect to a secure server without having a valid USB Token.
  • Custom post processing of metadata generated by plugins using simple executable scripts or programs.
  • Supports off-the-shelf hardware as well as custom built hardware.
  • Current Plugins are: Motion Detection, Face Detection & Counting, Barcode & QR Code reading and Automatic License Plate Recognition.