The 'drone mode' in Surveillance has just been tested. In this mode, you don't need a public IP on your device to access it over the internet.

Instead the device running Surveillance will send video and metadata to the IP address specified in the config.

Face Recognition (as an independent Product)

Face Recognition is now available as a separate product. So, if you do not need the flexibility of Surveillance (meaning plugins and their extended ability to perform almost any video monitoring task), you can opt for this independent product.

Integration with your front-end can be easily achieved as this too like Surveillance uses simple JSON commands to exchange almost all of the data. Based on proven open source technologies, Czar Softech's face recognition additionally provides calculation of error rate and statistics like False Acceptance Ration (FAR) and False Rejection Ration (FRR) for your data. Contact us to learn more.

 Do More

Ever wish your CCTV solution did more than just record video? Well, we have a solution. Surveillance is a video monitoring framework that transforms any video stream into a series of events allowing you to extract, view and alert on any event as described by processing plugins. To learn more click here

Latest Plugins

Automatic License Plate Recognition is now available. To learn more click here
Facial Recognition (Deep Learning Based)
Object Detection and Counting