Mandar Joshi is an expert Linux developer with over a decade of experience in developing applications for Linux Servers, Desktops & Embedded Linux systems. He has dealt with a a variety of smart cards during this period. Having started his career with a System Admin position, he also has a rich experience in hardware and networking. With this experience under his belt, he is now ready to launch his latest creation, Surveillance, in the market. Presently, with increasing focus on our security all over the world, Mandar has a developed a video monitoring framework called 'Surveillance' that can reduce human workload in monitoring systems.


Mandar has a Bachelor's Degress in Information Technology from Mumbai University. As an engineering student he was accepted into the Google Summer of Code program where he successfully developed a project called RootFS Build Factory that creates rootfs images for CentOS and Fedora practically any rpm based Linux distro) for ARMv7 development boards. He was invited to give a talk on 'Intelligent Surveillance' at the GStreamer Conference (October 2016) in Berlin, Germany. This talk was very well received.


Over the years he has worked with many programming languages from C,C++ to Python, Ruby, PHP etc. and frameworks like GTK+, Qt, FLTK, EFL, Twisted, GStreamer etc.


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